Nonstandard/Subdivisions /Developments

Nonstandard Services

Benton City Water classifies the following as Nonstandard Services pursuant to Chapter 13.2502 of the Texas Water Code:

  • Subdivision of property into 2 or more lots for the purpose of selling
  • Developments that require more than a standard 5/8" meter (commercial, industrial, etc)
  • Service that does not qualify as standard service


Applicable elements of the Nonstandard Policy, depending on the specific circumstances of the requested service, may include:

  • Evaluation by BCWSC of the impact a proposed project service extension will make on BCWSC’s water supply system, and payment of the costs of evaluation;
  • Payment of reasonable costs or fees for system facilities to provide water supply;
  • Payment of fees for reserving water supply capacity;
  • Forfeiture of reserved water supply capacity for failure to pay applicable fees;
  • Payment of costs of any improvements to BCWSC’s system that are necessary to provide the water service;
  • Construction according to design approved by BCWSC and dedication by the developer of water facilities within the subdivision, following inspection and approval.

Nonstandard Hydraulic Study

Anyone that falls into the Nonstandard category must submit the following to determine serviceablity:

  • Nonstandard Hydraulic Study Application
  • Warranty Deed or Deed of Trust (all pages, signed & notarized)
  • Preliminary Plat of project
  • Payment of Investigation fee

This is submitted to our engineer for review and preparation of the NS HS Report. The report will then be reviewed by the board at their next monthly board meeting. Once it has been approved, the developer will be notified of the results along with the next steps.