Meter Reading

Meter Reading

Meter Reading starts around the 10th of the month.  All meters are radio read meters. 




Please be careful not to allow any possible cross connections that could contaminate the water within your home or your neighbors’ homes. Cross connections may occur at livestock water troughs, swimming pools, or any other location where water could be siphoned back into the system.

Any person cutting corporation locks or tampering with the meter will be charged a $250.00 fee. (Other fees may be incurred per situation). This is considered THEFT OF SERVICE and is subject to legal action.


The office staff at Benton City Water Supply Corporation take care of many functions of water management, including billing, servicing, and maintaining water areas. Our friendly staff is dedicated to providing you with fast and concise answers to all your questions as well as helping you to the best extent possible.

If you have an immediate concern, please contact us.


Benton City Water Supply Corporation is an EQUAL Opportunity Provider and Employer. All information on this website is subject to change without notice.